the importance of healthy foods

Do you think that we should fully understand the importance of healthy foods? Well, it seems that there is only one appropriate answer for this question, which is, obviously, yes! We should fully understand that healthy foods are important! You need them to fulfill the nutrient need of your body since it needs a sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to keep it working properly. If you lack those or consume too much of those, then you risk yourself to suffer from some diseases that are very dangerous. The diseases are:

  1. Tooth decay

The first disease you would contract if you don’t consider healthy foods as important issues is a dental disease. This is caused by an excessive amount of sugar and food acids that are left inside your mouth. If you eat too many sugary foods, then the sugar left on your teeth will then be decomposed by bacteria, forming caries and creating a hole in your teeth. Over time, your teeth will be eroded and without any attempt to remedy it, your teeth can be ruined. In order to prevent this, limit your consumption of sugar and never forget to brush your teeth in order to keep them clean!

  1. Diabetes

This disease that makes you understand the importance of healthy foods is also caused by the consumption of unhealthy foods which contain a high amount of sugar. When you consume sugar, it will be put inside your blood and be transformed into energy. However, if you consume sugar too much while not doing too much activity, then the sugar in your blood will be left unused, and this will affect your health. The blood sugar level will spike up, and your body starts to develop several breakdowns, these breakdowns are called diabetes. To prevent this, then you will need to limit your consumption of sugar and start to hit the gym!

  1. Osteoporosis

While the first two diseases are caused by excessive nutrients, this disease is caused by a lack of nutrients. This disease is caused by a lack of mass inside the bones. It is a natural activity that our body constantly absorbs bone tissue and regenerates it. However, people who suffer from osteoporosis are failed to regenerate their bones at a sufficient rate. This condition is caused by a low consumption of calcium and vitamin D which are contained in many dairy products. Those are the diseases that you would not suffer from if you pay attention to the importance of healthy foods.


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