healthy foods to eat on a diet

One crucial thing on every weight loss program is diet management. Many of us are still wondering about choosing healthy foods to eat on a diet. The varieties of food and ingredients to make a delicious meal without excessive calories yet able to support your daily activities including exercise program. When it comes to healthy foods, there some food ingredients known as superfoods. Those superfoods must be on top of the list of weight loss diet.

What Superfood Is

Superfood is a term to various foods with high nutrition ingredients especially rich of essential nutrients thus considered to give many health benefits. Most superfoods are plant based foods with the exception of some fish and dairy products. From the health perspective, superfoods can cover essential nutrients for optimum body metabolism, help build bones, help maintain healthy eyesight, sharp mind, and even prevent chronic disease. Superfoods also offer huge benefits to those trying to lose weight or want to maintain ideal body weight.

These are the super healthy foods to eat on a diet for optimum weight loss result:

Black Beans

Black Beans

This superfood contains rich of protein without any saturated fat. In short, this is the healthiest protein source you can get. Not only black beans taste delicious but it can be practically served in many different ways.

Whole Oats

Whole Oats

This superfood becomes popular breakfast food for a reason. It is rich of healthy carbs to provide energy for daily activities. The healthy carbs also improve metabolism and fat burning. Best of all, it is very rich of fiber making you feel full thus suppressing appetite while also good for digestive health.



It is said that fat is big no for weight loss diet. That’s wrong because your body still need fats. Avocadoes offers healthy monounsaturated fats known as oleic acid. This essential nutrient is crucial for body metabolism and also helps to suppress appetite. Avocadoes is also creamy delicious while it is also rich of fiber and protein.



Protein is crucial protein for our metabolism system and salmon offers lean protein with very minimum fats. Salmon is also super healthy for its rich of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.



Many people may dislike broccoli for its weird taste and smell but it isn’t supposed to be the reason for you to not consume this vegetable. Rich of fiber and very low in calories, broccoli also contains essential nutrients known to have cancer-preventive effects.

Actually, the list can still go on very long. But few examples above can give a big picture about healthy foods to eat on a diet.


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