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Heart healthy foods to avoid will make you live healthier because there are certain foods that can increase heart disease risk. Let’s check what the foods are.

Take a look on the portion size

Not only what you eat, the amount also matters when it comes to having a healthy heart. Having a full of a plate and eat all of them will make your body receive calories intake more than it supposed to. This commonly happens when you eat in restaurants. Instead, eat with a small plate to have better control on the portions. Low-calorie foods are recommended to consume especially fruits and vegetables. Besides, cut down on the consumption of processed foods if you want to shape the body, waistline and have a healthier heart.

Always monitor the number of servings you consume. One person may have differently recommended servings of foods to another. A serving size can use different measurements including cups or pieces. For instance, one serving of pasta is close to a half cup. It requires skill to determine the measurement so that in the beginning you may need measuring cups or spoons until you get used to it.

heart healthy foods to avoid

Consume more fruits and veggies

Besides heart healthy foods to avoid, you need to eat more vegetables and fruits for a healthier heart. It is because they contain many important vitamins and minerals. Additionally, they are low in calories and become a good source of fiber so that one benefits from consuming them is preventing cardiovascular disease. Consuming them helps to reduce high-calorie foods like meat and cheese.

Adding fruits and veggies into your daily diet is easy. Wash the vegetables, cut them into several pieces and store them in the fridge so anytime you can consume them as a snack. Put the fruits into the bowl in the kitchen to remember you that you need to eat them. It will be better than you select recipes containing vegetables or fruits as the main ingredients. A salad is one of the examples.

Choose whole grains

Adding whole grains to the diet is a good option as they are rich in fiber an essential nutrients that helps blood pressure regulation and healthier health. The number of whole grains can be increased in order to replace refined grain products. Among grain products that are recommended to consume are whole-wheat bread and high-fiber cereal. Meanwhile, cornbread, muffins, and frozen waffles are examples of heart healthy foods to avoid.


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