how to eat a balanced diet

How to eat a balanced diet can be done through simple steps. Vegetables and fruits make a great foundation but you need other healthy foods to support the diet.

Dividing a plate

How the look of plate proportion can be different from one person to another. Some may have more portions of carbohydrates compared with the veggies while some others have more veggies and smaller portion of carbohydrates. No matter which one you usually apply to your diet, having more portions of veggies should be your aim.

Make sure you divide the plate into a low-calorie model which is vegetables filling the half plate. Meanwhile, another half is divided again into two parts. One of them is used for lean protein while the other can be filled with whole-grain foods or starchy carbohydrates.

Making a calories calculation

A balanced diet not only refers to getting specific nutrients intake but it also consuming the right amount of calories based on the recommended size. To know the number of calories, you can multiply your current body weight with 12.  Then subtract 500 calories in order to reduce one pound each week. Hence, if you want to lose 2 pounds, you need to subtract with 1.000. If the calorie target is less than 1.200, the calorie goal can be set at 1.200. How to eat a balanced diet by calculating the calories intake helps to lose weight in a healthier and safer way.

Eat according to the pyramid

Eat according to the pyramid

If you want to get a more accurate nutritional balance on your diet, you need to eat based on the recommended intake of the whole main food groups. You can see the pyramid and determine which ones that closest to your calorie level. For example, 1.600 calories need 2 cups of vegetables, 3 cups of milk, 5 teaspoons of oils, 5 oz meat, 1.5 cups of fruits and 5 oz of grains.

However, those whose calorie level is 3.000 requires 5 oz of grains, 4 cups of vegetables, 2.5 cups of fruits, 3 cups of milk, 7 oz of meats, and 10 tablespoons of oils. Some of the nutrients are different but you also can find the similar amount even though the calorie level is different. It is to make sure that the body gets nutrients it needs as each person need is also different based on how hard activities they need to do daily. So, determining how much to eat based on the pyramid is an effort on how to eat a balanced diet.


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