how to have a balanced diet

How to have a balanced diet becomes important question which must be answered to be healthy. Health cannot be separated from diet and balanced diet is a must to keep the body healthy. People need to make sure that their meal can fulfill their daily nutrients need. It means that they have to choose their food sources wisely.


food for healthy body

To have a balanced diet, including fruits is essential. Fruits are packed with nutrition. It will also be delicious snacks as well which can help people control their hunger before the meal time. It is better to get in season fruits to make sure that they eat fresh and nutritional fruits.



Vitamins and minerals might be needed in very small amount but they have to make sure that they get what they need from the foods. The good source of vitamins and minerals must be vegetables. The most nutrition can be found from the leafy vegetables with dark color from spinach to broccoli. People can just eat various greens at every meal to get the most nutrients from vegetables.



The grain choice is crucial for ensuring the balanced diet. Refined white flour might be very common grain type which is consumed often by people. However, it does not come with good nutrition content compared to whole grains.

If people are asking about how to have a balanced diet, they need to replace the refined white flour consumption with whole grains. When they are eating the pastas and breads for instance, they have to make sure that they are made from whole grain products.


Egg White

Meats are not the only primary source of protein because they can also get it from beans. People must not forget about protein for their balanced diet because it plays very important role for brain and muscle development. The best options of protein source can be found from the lean and low fat meats including beef, pork, fish, and chicken. Various types of nuts and beans from lentils to walnuts are also great as protein and fiber source.

Dairy and Fats

Dairy and Fats

Essential nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D can be found from dairy products. However, people must not forget that dairy products are also important source of fat. Sparing use of oil is also important in a balanced diet. When choosing oil products, people should choose the low sugar and low-fat options as correct answer of how to have a balanced diet.


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