Perfect Diet Plan for Weight Loss

When you are planning to lose weight, you may set up some strategies and commit to doing anything it takes. From hitting the gym, taking supplements, and eating healthy you are willing to do them. However, there is a shortcut to lose weight easily.

That is by following a perfect diet plan for weight loss. In setting a diet plan, there are several things you need to consider to have an effective result. The things include types of food, the total energy it owns, and the arrangement of food in the diet menu. Below is the more detailed information.

Good and Bad foods for weight loss program

As food contains nutrients and substances, those can bring some effects to your body. Fibre, antioxidant, vitamins and others are already proven to control the weight. In contrast, carbs, fat, and calories and others are known to increase the weight. These are lists of bad and good food to lose weight:

Good foods:

  1. Green leafy veggies including spinach, kale, broccoli, lettuce, bok choy and others.
  2. Juicy fruits and berries like watermelon, raspberries, orange, blueberries, lemon, grapefruit, and so on.
  3. High fiber foods including grain, cereal, wheat and others
  4. Legumes, seeds, and nuts including beans, almond, hazelnut, lentils, soy products, chickpeas, peas, and so on
  5. Low fat or unsaturated fat product such as low-fat cream, yogurt, skimmed dairy etc.

Bad foods:

  1. Spicy food
  2. Foods with an additional or artificial sweetener such as ice creams, desserts, coffees, teas, and others
  3. Foods with saturated or high fat such as steak, curry, burger, pizza, and any other junk or fast foods.

An example of a perfect diet plan for weight loss

After the god and bad foods, it is the time to determine your daily energy need. Then set up the idea diet menu based on your energy need. Finally, stick to it and do not cheat. You should set the perfect diet plan for weight loss equal to or less than your daily energy need. This is the example 1200 calories diet menu.

–    After wake-up: a glass of lemon water as infusing water (0 calories)

–    Breakfast: a plate of bread and a cup of milk (300 calories)

–    Brunch snack: a half of cup watermelon (50 calories)

–    Lunch: a cup of brown rice (195gm), a bowl of salad with mixed vegetables, and a small bowl raita (345 calories)

–    Evening snack: a cup of buttermilk (35 calories)

–    Dinner: a bow of veggies soup, two pieces of bread, and a small bowl of salad (370 calories)


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