7 day diet challenge

7 day diet challenge is one of the several kinds of diet you can find when you surf the internet looking for an effective way to get in shape. The diet is also known as the GM Diet Plan since it is invented and implemented by the company in order to keep the workers who work in their office stay healthy and stay working. To assist them to lose weight in a short amount of time is the main objective of this diet. However, this diet has several pros and cons, which are:


  1. The diet does not cost an expensive amount of cash

If you have read about the menu of this diet, then you would have figured out that it requires little to no consumption of diet supplement. You only need to consume foods and drinks that are available in the nearest store! Also, no need to subscribe to any membership fee, this diet is completely free and widely available on the internet!

  1. The diet is not too difficult to perform

This one is the most famous reasons why it is popular. The diet is very simple since you don’t have to do overly complicated things like measure your overall calories consumption or performing advanced exercises that would take too much time. You just need to eat healthy foods for a week!


  1. The diet makes your body to have a slower metabolism

The first disadvantage of 7 day diet challenge is that it contains a little amount of calories. Excessive calories are bad because any unused calories would be stored in the body as fat, however, too low calories make your body to be too hungry to perform since there are not enough calories to be switched to energy. As a response, your body then switches to “low consumption mode” in order to minimize the consumption of calories, and therefore, lowering your metabolism rate.

  1. This diet can lead you to malnourishment

This one is unlike other food-restricting diets which may lead you to improper nourishment. Since the diet relies heavily on fruits and vegetables while minimizing the consumption of animal products, it could make your body to have an underwhelming performance since there is not enough nutrition to consume. You might lose the weight you always dream of, but unfortunately, you could also suffer from health risks if you do this 7 day diet challenge for a long period of time.


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