balanced diet food chart

Balanced diet food chart is a chart which contains a various amount of foods that are beneficial to improve your overall health. The foods in the chart should be enough to fulfill the nutrition required for the body and the portion must be ideal, not too much or too few, because too much nutrients could lead you to suffer from diseases caused by overnutrition, such as obesity and cardiovascular diseases, while too few nutrients definitely could make you suffer from deficiencies. Now, what are the things to do so you can follow the food chart properly?

  1. Do exercise as often as possible

It is mandatory if you want to lose weight, aside from following the food chart. Well, solely abiding by the chart might do you some good after all, but in order to gain the best, then you will need to move those arms and legs! By doing some exercises, you might be able to gain the spirit necessary to keep you optimized! Stay energetic and be less lethargic sure will give you any positive results!

  1. Be punctual in terms of the time to eat

A good diet plan requires a discipline in doing it, and following the balanced diet food chart is no exception in this. To make the diet plan effective, it is mandatory that you have to consume five small portions of meals daily, and every meal has a gap that takes three hours. Punctuality is a must because if you eat too late, then it will bring a bad effect on your body. A delay which takes more than three hours will result in an escalation in cortisol production and an increase in the stress level suffered by your body. Losing weight will be a harder task, then!

  1. Limit the salt and sugar consumption

You will need to reduce your consumption of salt because a high consumption of it can result in many cardiovascular diseases, not to mention hypertension caused by the salt that makes extra water to be kept in your body, therefore raising the blood tension. If you love your heart and blood circulation, then stop consuming too much salt! On the other hand, sugar might present you the energy needed, but too much sugar can cause it to poison your body and makes it suffer from various diseases such as diabetes and the most avoided diseases by people who are on a diet, which is obesity. Well, those are the things you should do to follow the balanced diet food chart!


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