what does a healthy diet consist of

A healthy body and mind are started with healthy daily diet. What we eat will determine our wellness and will strongly affecting our quality of life. I believe many of us often hear about healthy diet and how it will give us so many health benefits. Unfortunately, many of us still have lack of understanding about what healthy diet really is and more importantly, what does a healthy diet consist of. Without proper knowledge, it would be hard to manage a healthy daily health for our selves and eventually, it is hard to achieve optimum wellness for body and mind.

Healthy diet can be explained as diet of food with proper nutrients needed by our body to support optimum body metabolism. Eating is more than just getting source of energy for our activities but also to fuel many metabolism processes for our body to grow and to regenerate. This key for healthy daily diet is known as balanced diet. It refers to eating wide varieties of foods each at the right proportion. Balanced doesn’t mean different foods in the same amount but at the right amount ensuring we get complete nutrients at the proper amount needed for body metabolism. So, what does a healthy diet consist of? Your daily diet must consist of these main food categories:


Contrary with the stereotype, carbs aren’t entirely bad. Our body needs energy and carbs can provide it. It is all about choosing healthy carbs like whole grains, oats, and other starchy food rich of fiber and vitamins.


Protein is essential for all metabolism processes inside our body. Lean protein is better choice to minimize fats. Saltwater fishes like salmon and tuna will be an ideal choice as it is rich of protein and healthy essential fats while also very rich of vitamins and minerals.

Healthy Fats

Unsaturated fatty acids are the healthy fats we need. Virgin olive oils, avocadoes, beans and seeds are the choices of healthy fats for your diet.

Fruits and Vegetables

These two categories are our main source of fiber, antioxidant, vitamins, and minerals. Fruits and vegetables are best served fresh or minimally processed.

Dairy Products

Dairy products can give us calcium, an essential mineral for bone growth. Dairy products are also rich of proteins and other nutrients. Of course, you need to give more attention to its calories and fats ingredients. Fermented dairy products like yoghurt is better option as it is low in fats.

That’s what healthy diet supposed to consist of.


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