what’s healthy to eat

If you are searching for what’s healthy to eat while still want to enjoy a pleasant taste, then you definitely should consume dark chocolate. Although there are many sweet foods that may harm your overall health, such thing does not apply to dark chocolate; instead, by consuming this kind of chocolate that contains high cocoa percentage while contains only little to no milk, you can gain many health benefits! Now, let’s check the reasons that make dark chocolate so healthy!

  1. Dark chocolate improves your cognitive properties

Cocoa contains a rich amount of flavanols, which may improve your brain properties. Flavanols help to improve the blood flow inside your body, including the flow into your brain. If you are having any difficulties in maintaining concentration, then you should consume dark chocolate since it is able to help you to gain a better memory by providing flavanols and other important material. Also, there are some pieces of research that indicate dark chocolate can help in preventing Alzheimer’s and dementia!

  1. Dark chocolate does not make you fat

Another reason why you should put dark chocolate into your list of what’s healthy to eat is that it does not drastically affect your weight. If you put moderation when eating it, then the dark chocolate will not make you fatter! The reason why because it is already known that dark chocolate provides you a better metabolism and it can help you to digest fatty acids more efficiently! Although dark chocolate also contains fat, most of the fat in dark chocolate is monounsaturated fat that reduces the level of your cholesterol. As long as you don’t eat it at an excessive portion, then you will be just fine and will not gain too much weight.

  1. Dark chocolate helps you to avoid cardiovascular diseases

There was a research conducted in the past in order to figure the harmful effects of dark chocolate on our health, however, what they found out was actually the opposite! The truth is, people who consume dark chocolate tend to have a high amount of HDL, or “good” cholesterol, in your body and only possess a low level oxidized LDL or “bad” cholesterol. What makes them have these properties is because dark chocolate has a high amount of antioxidants which improve your bloodstreams. Also, dark chocolate is rich in flavanols, right? Now, you know why dark chocolate is one of what’s healthy to eat!


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