eat healthy live healthy

Eat healthy live healthy has become a motto for people who consider that health is the most important lifestyle which should everyone else follows. Although it can be tough to do by some people, especially people who are accustomed to eating junk foods, it is still important because it has many benefits! So, to begin, what are the benefits of eating healthy?

Live Healthy 2

  1. It can make an improvement to your mood

You are what you eat, both internally and externally! This one has come to our ears many times but turns out that this motto is true, according to several pieces of research conducted by many institutes. Although there are no foods on this Earth that could perform as a true antidepressant, there are several nutrients contained in the healthy foods which can provide a better mood. If you consume foods that contain a high amount of vitamin and mineral can reduce your level of stress, while putting a decrease in sugar consumption makes your mood become more stable since the amount of blood sugar is normalized. Also, foods that are rich in omega-3 can fix your mood since the omega-3 has the ability to stabilize your stress hormone, or cortisol, which is usually found in high numbers in the patients who suffer from chronic stress.

  1. It can lengthen your life expectancy

Another point why eat healthy live healthy motto is worth it to live by is because by eating healthy foods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can make you live longer than people who do not consider to implement it. Sure, it is trivial and very easy to explain, eating healthy foods provide you with beneficial nutrients which can keep you away from many life-threatening diseases; maintaining a healthy lifestyle, like exercising regularly is good for your health because it makes your body stronger and fit.

  1. It can lead you to spend a fewer amount of money

It’s simple, if you are sick, then you will need to go to the nearest doctor and pay him so he can patch you up, or if you suffer from severe sickness, then you will have to be brought to the hospital and it costs you a high amount of money. Even administering a health insurance could cost you a lot of cash if you suffer from an unhealthy body condition, such as obesity! Compare the money needed to take care of those things with the money you would spend when you decide to eat healthy live healthy!


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